Three Gates Solitaire

Three gates solitaire is a unique form of the classic solitaire card game that makes for a really fun twist on the format. It’s in many ways a simpler, quicker-paced form of solitaire that requires you to think in a quick-fire way, and one that’s often fun to play against the clock. Today, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about 3 gates solitaire—so let’s dive into it.

How to Play Three Gates Solitaire 

Three gate solitaire is a relatively simple game, but one which is nonetheless a really fun and rewarding game to play. A standard 52-card deck is dealt into seven tableaus, with a varying number of cards in them. The top cards are face up and available for play. A single card is dealt to a foundation pile at the top to start the game, and then you must find cards either one above or below that card in value. 

Once you’ve gotten started, you must then continue clearing the tableaus by finding cards one above or below the foundation cards. When all cards have been moved, the game of three gates solitaire is won. Sometimes, you may be able to open up further foundation piles throughout the game, although sometimes the rules allow these to be open from the start.

Rules of Three Gates Solitaire 

The rules of three gates solitaire are simple: 

  1. Cards played to the foundations must be one above or below the top card regardless of suit. You can play one value above or below any card in the foundation piles—the suit of the cards doesn’t matter. So, if you had a five of clubs, it could go on either any four or any six. 
  2. When you deal from the stock pile, the cards go straight onto the foundations. You do not have the option to play or not play cards from the stock. If you are out of moves, cards from the stock must go into the foundation. 
  3. The game is won when all cards from the tableau have been removed. You don’t have to remove every card including the stock pile to win three gates solitaire—just the tableaus. 

Let’s now turn to tips on how to win at three gates solitaire. 

How to win Three Gates Solitaire 

While there’s not a great deal of strategy in three gates solitaire, there are still things to be careful of: 

  1. Make sure there are no moves left to be made before dealing from the stock. Three gates solitaire is about removing the cards from the tableau in as few moves as possible. With that in mind, you want to be careful you never miss a possible move. Play carefully so you don’t miss anything. 
  2. Think several moves ahead. When playing a card to the foundation, think several moves ahead—you want to create opportunities to play as many consecutive cards from the tableau as you can. This maximizes your chances of removing as many cards as possible. 

Three gates solitaire is a fun and fast-paced form of the game, and playing it is a great way to stimulate your mind.