Spider Solitaire 4 Suits

Solitaire games have won the hearts of millions, yet some of its complex versions like Spider Solitaire 4 suits remain unfairly unnoticed. But, with the right preparation, you can enjoy this game just like any simpler variation. Below, you can find a detailed review of basic rules and tips that will help you increase your chances to win a 4-suit Spider Solitaire game.

Understanding Spider Solitaire 4 Suits

Spider Solitaire, regardless of the number of suits used, is more difficult than Klondike or Freecell games overall. First, in the above-mentioned games you create sequences of alternating colors, which makes the gameplay more flexible. In Spider Solitaire 4 suits you have to build the whole King-Ace chains of the same suit from the very beginning. Second, in Klondike and many other Solitaire variations, you remove cards from the tableau one by one. In Spider, only complete sequences can be cleared. However, it is possible to master Spider Solitaire 4 suits, and the instruction below aims to help you with that.

Basic Rules

To play Spider Solitaire 4 suits, you need two standard decks. This sums up to 104 cards and a double set of every suit. So at the end of the game, you have to fill eight foundations instead of four. 


It is far easier to play Spider Solitaire 4 suits online, so you won’t need to build an extensive layout and monitor additional draws. If you want to set up the tableau on your own using real cards, follow these steps:

  • Deal 5 face-down rows with 10 cards each, where every next row covers the previous one.
  • Deal one more face-down row with only 4 cards in the 4 left columns.
  • Turn one last card in every column making them face-up.
  • The rest of the cards become a stock. Containing 50 cards, it includes 5 sets of additional cards for every column.
  • Finally, you define a place for the future foundation piles.


The objective of the four-suit Spider Solitaire game is to fill all eight foundation piles. To make a foundation pile, you should first create a descending sequence of cards in the tableau, starting with a King and completing it with an Ace. Every sequence should be initially built in the same suit, and only a complete group can be moved to the foundations.

Available Moves

The number of moves in a Spider Solitaire 4 suits is quite extensive, but not all of them will help you win. Here, let’s review the moves you can make, and below, you will understand why this flexibility is tricky. You can:

  • Place an available (open) card to another card of any suit that is one rank higher. If the next card was face-down at that moment, it becomes face-up when released.
  • Move descending sequences of the same suit.
  • Place any card in an empty cell.
  • Draw 10 more cards from stock if you lack available moves. To do so, you have to have a card in every column, there should be no empty cells.

The Challenge of Playing With 4 Suits

The additional complexity of Spider Solitaire 4 suits is in the gap between available moves and the rules of moving groups of cards and removing sequences from the tableau. While you can place any card on any other card based only on their ranks, the movable sequences should be of the same suit. Also, sometimes you have to remove a card from a promising sequence just to draw additional cards. So, the card moved to an empty cell may become blocked.

In general, a Spider Solitaire 4 suits game has low chances of winning because of these obstacles. So, don’t get too upset if something goes wrong during the process. However, with some tips, you can improve your winning chances. Check them out below.

Tips for Spider Solitaire 4 Suits

Every game has some tricks you can use to overcome the challenge of complicated rules. Spider Solitaire 4 suits is no exception. These are the five main strategies you can use.

Don’t Focus on Revealing Cards

Since your winning moves are limited compared to all the available moves, there is almost no point in revealing new cards if you have a few good moves that make sequences of the same suit. If you have a choice between moving an already available card from a revealed group or the one that covers a face-down card, choose the first one.

Use Hunts and Undo

In free online Spider Solitaire 4 suits, there are some extra buttons. The first one is Undo which allows you to get back to a previous move (or even several moves). Retracing steps and canceling moves can be too complicated when playing with real cards. Another helpful option is Hint. By clicking that button you get clues about available moves.

Think a Few Moves Ahead

When making any move, think of how it can affect your tableau. What cards can it help reveal? Can they be used immediately for creating new sequences? These and other questions will help you prioritize successful moves.

Focus on One Thing at a Time

While you have to keep the final goal in your mind, it’s still important to keep your attention on one particular step. If you need to complete a specific group of cards, concentrate on that. If you think of taking a draw from the stock, review all the columns and rows calmly, don’t rush.

Use Empty Cells Effectively

When you have an empty cell, put any King there. It will speed up the creation of new sequences. If you don’t have available Kings at the moment, try to place any high-rank card to get similar benefits as discussed above.

Play Spider Solitaire 4 Suits Now

Now you know the basic rules and additional tips for playing Spider Solitaire 4 suits. With some practice and attention, you can improve your winning chances, but the game itself is complicated, so you can focus more on interesting strategies than on winning every game. Play Spider Solitaire 4 suits online or with real cards and have fun!