Pyramid Solitaire

Pyramid solitaire free online is one of the most popular variations of online solitaire worldwide, with millions playing daily. That is for a good reason! Pyramid solitaire allows you more of a challenge than classic solitaire and a different setup, play, and scoring format. If you have never played solitaire pyramid before and are curious about what it is, its rules, scoring, and all the little details to allow you to become a pro, then you have come to the right place.

Let‘s dive right into the addictive and popular game of free games pyramid solitaire!

What is Pyramid Solitaire?

Online Pyramid Solitaire, also known as Solitaire 13, aims to eliminate all the cards from the pyramid created during setup. The most significant difference from traditional solitaire is in its arrangement and that there are no foundation piles. So if there are no foundation piles, how do you move cards? That is an excellent question and one we will go into more detail about below on how to play this exciting game. First, setup. 

How to Set Up a Free Pyramid Solitaire Game

If playing with an actual deck of cards, you first will shuffle your deck of cards. You then can begin to deal cards to form your pyramid. You do this by starting the first row with a single card. It is the tip of your pyramid. Your second row will have two cards, and then you will continue each row with the sequential numbers of cards until you finally have the base of the pyramid with seven cards. When done correctly, your pyramid will have 28 cards in total. The remaining cards you have become your draw pile that is face down. 

If you play pyramid solitaire free online, the pyramid will be created for you. 

How to Play Pyramid Solitaire Free Online

Pyramid solitaire is easy to learn, but if you are just starting the game and have only played classic solitaire before, there may be a slight learning curve to the game. 

You will draw cards from your stockpile one at a time, and if the card you draw cannot be used, it will be covered by the next card you draw. If you play a relaxed version of the game, those waste cards may be reshuffled into the stock or hand pile. If you are not playing that version, those waste pile cards can only be used again if you uncover them using the top exposed card. The catch to this is that the relaxed version will be much easier than the standard.

The main moves in solitaire pyramid are when two of your exposed cards from the stockpile pile equal 13, you may discard them. That is why pyramid solitaire is also known as Solitaire 13. This ability to discard is true if both cards are in the stockpile, pyramid, or combination. For example, if a 10 is drawn in your stockpile but cannot be used, and there is a 3 on your pyramid, you may discard both cards. A king can always be discarded as a single card all by itself. Below is a list of card values and possible discard combinations that you may find helpful while learning.

  • 10 + 3
  • 9 + 4
  • 8 + 5
  • 7 + 6
  • Jack + 2
  • Queen + Ace
  • King

Matching cards that value 13 when added together is the name of the game to help you clear the pyramid and your hand or stockpile. An important note is to use this as a careful strategy. Matching and discarding the first pair you see sometimes is not the best move depending on the other cards in play. Think carefully before doing so.

What Are the Rules of Free Games Pyramid Solitaire?

The solitaire pyramid style rules help ensure a player cannot make invalid matches. The rules also add to the challenge of the game and award players who think multiple moves ahead and not just the first match they see to play. Let‘s break down the rules of pyramid solitaire free online to their simplest. 

#1 You must build the pyramid from the top, starting with a row of one card. You may not start at the bottom.

#2 Remaining cards become the stockpile. Only the top card of the pile can be drawn and revealed at each time.

#3 Matches of any two cards (or a king) totaling 13 are removed from play. 

#4 Matches can only be made with unblocked cards.

#5 The top card on the draw pile is available for matches. 

#6 When no matches can be made, the top card of the draw pile is covered by the next drawn and is only playable when it is revealed again. 

#7 Scores are calculated when there are no moves available to make.

If these rules seem different from the other variations of solitaire online you‘ve played in the past, don‘t fret. After playing a few pyramid solitaire games, you will catch on quickly!

Types of Free Pyramid Solitaire Games

There are two types of this popular game, classic and modern. They both have similar rules, but the modern version is known to be easier to play. For an extra challenge, try mastering both the classic and modern versions of online pyramid solitaire. Not all online pyramid solitaire websites will offer both types, but many do because of how popular free games pyramid solitaire is worldwide.

How to Win in Pyramid Solitaire

The winning in pyramid solitaire depends on the variation that you are playing. For classic pyramid solitaire, you can win by either removing all the cards from the pyramid or exhausting all the cards in the stockpile. With the modern version, you win by removing all the cards from the pyramid. 


Some of the most frequently asked questions about solitaire pyramid style come from its unique rules, scoring, and how it was developed. Below are the three most commonly asked questions and answers to them. 

#1 What is the history of pyramid solitaire?

The first illustration of pyramid solitaire was all the way back in 1808 in the book "Neue Königliche L‘Hombre," and the game was called "Cabale à la Pyramide." Its rules were completely different than the game we know today. The modern game we know today was introduced by Albert Hodges in 1949 in his book "The Complete Book of Solitaire and Patience Games." The rules of the 1949 game are largely the ones still used today in the game. The online version of pyramid solitaire became popular in the 1990s when a developer for Microsoft, Rick LaPlant, designed the game Tut‘s Tomb, a variant of pyramid solitaire. It is now the fourth most-played solitaire variation after Klondike Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, and FreeCell.

#2 How does scoring work in free pyramid solitaire games?

Pyramid Solitaire is a game with various scoring rules and one that rewards speedy players. When you remove one pair of cards totaling 13, you get 5 points. Each card removed is worth 2.5 points. The one exception is the king. Since it does not need to be matched, it is worth 5 points.

There is also what is called a row bonus in pyramid solitaire. This is the bonus you get when you remove one entire row. Below is how they are scored. The higher the row, the more points you earn.

Row #1: 25 points

Row #2: 50 points

Row #3: 75 points

Row #4: 100 points

Row #5: 150 points

Row #6: 250 points

Row #7: 500 points

Finally, there is a time bonus. You will see this ten-minute timer ticking down to 0 at the top of the game. Your final score is calculated based on how many seconds you have left when you win your game. If the counter hits 0, you do not lose the game. You just do not receive the time bonus. The timed component of solitaire pyramid style amps up the fun and challenge factors. When you are trying to make the best move and racing against the clock for a time bonus, you learn how to think quickly and accurately.

#3 Are there any tricks or shortcuts to free games pyramid solitaire?

This is a great question, and the answer is yes! Many online pyramid solitaire websites will have options that help you when stuck, let you undo moves you wish you hadn‘t made, and more. Below are a few of the most common shortcut buttons or tricks available in online pyramid solitaire that you should know about. 

  • New game - Just as the name suggests, this is how you deal an entirely new game.
  • Reset game - This button will take your current game all the way back to the beginning, but be careful because you also lose all your progress with this. 
  • Deal/Draw - This button reveals a new card in your stockpile and places the last card dealt into your waste pile.
  • Undo - Depending on the game version you are playing, this can sometimes be used once to undo the last move or multiple times as much as you‘d like. Remember, though, this is likely to affect your score. 
  • Hint - Games that offer this allow you to get a little help when you get stuck. The hints they give are random, though, so remember that what the hint shown to you may not necessarily be the best move to allow you to win.

These shortcuts are great to know for playing and setting up your pyramid solitaire game. The more familiar you are with them, the more fun you will have and the more likely you will win!

Free Pyramid Solitaire Game - A Fun Challenge for Everyone!

Whether you are a relative newbie to pyramid solitaire free online and are looking to up your skills with a new challenging variation of the game or have been playing online pyramid solitaire for years and are an expert, pyramid solitaire online is a great way to stimulate your brain, pass some time and learn new skills. Although this game differs quite a bit from classic solitaire, it will quickly become one of your favorites.

Free pyramid solitaire game is about skillfully moving cards and thinking ahead and fast! It is a solitaire game you will be addicted to in no time. Please don‘t say we didn‘t warn you about pyramid solitaire online!